Base Technology


An exclusive technology, patented by Base Protection, which allows to reduce the outsole's hard and compact thickness, up to values never obtained before. The result is: more elasticity and cushion effect.

The external sole layer is reduced to a thin layer of 0,2 mm, which improves the flexibility of the shoe.



The super thin external sole layer is joined to the upper by an injected polyurethane mid sole that contains thousands of little air bubbles.

As a result your foot has great cushioning and the shoe is flexible, soft and very comfortable.




Dry'n Air

A patented ventilation system which uses the foot's natural movement as a pump to circulate cool air down through holes in the inner sole of the shoe and along specially designed airways before being expelled.

The fresh air enters the instep through the footbed.

While walking, the heel’s pressure pushes the air ahead, catching the humidity.


The humid and warm air is pushed up, dissipating the heat.

The secret is a system of always-free ducts and holes, in an ergonomic footbed able to raise the foot above the sole edge and equally distribute the weight.


Dry'n Air Plus & Dry'n Air Gel

Dry’n Air Plus contains all the same technology as Dry’n Air with the added addition of a raised insole and puncture resistant barrier. 

Dry'n Air Gel is the high density gel version built in the heel, absorbs and dissipates the heel shock energy, reducing the joint stress. 


Footbed with air canals and puncture-resistant textile. 





The air is pushed along and the humidity is pushed away, keeping the foot dry


From the footbed the air is pushed along to dissipate the heat which translate into more comfort. 


The gel embedded in the heel reduces the joints stress 



A metal free toe cap, which is as strong as conventional metal designs and much thinner than other non metal toe caps on the market.
Thickness is reduced compared to other similar toe cap on the market.
35% thinner compared to the market standard thickness. Safety performances guaranteed from -40° a +60°.
It complies with the European (EN 20345), Canadian (CSA) and American (ANSI) impact and compression tests. 

Toe-cap’s thickness is reduced to as low as 6,5 mm compared to other similar toe cap on the market: more room for toes.



The strip that joins the cap to the shoe is pre-formed and designed to fit the shoe size.  This avoids the risk of accidental detachment and reduces the painful pressure on toes. 

No pressure on toes and no pain.





All Terrain

All Terrain Sole is the cleated outsole assures excellent grip on different type of ground: melted, snowy, muddy, gravel soil. 


The sole cleats have a variable height from 4 to 8 mm, are rounded and spaced between each other to be self-cleaning. 



The central area of the sole is wider with a high profile heel, so to guarantee more safety while going up the stairs and walking on stony soils and convex surfaces (pipes, logs, etc). 

Fit 12, also available in 11. 






Smell Stop is an anti-odour lining, that prevents bacteria and fungus responsible for odours, from taking hold anywhere in your shoes.

Thanks to the permanent Antibacterial treatment, SmellStop reduces the risk of mycotic infections which is caused by bacterial breakdown of perspiration. This innovative technology makes of your shoe an healthier and safer environment, thus granting your foot the highest wellbeing.

The treatment is guaranteed for the life of the shoe. 


OutDry™ construction creates a one-piece breathable membrane that seals water out, keeping your shoes light and dry in the wettest of conditions. Waterproof for 5 Hours and still breathable; you your feet will stay dry and comfortable whilst you work.